Moama clubs deliver cars for Christmas

Moama RSL Club winner: Keith Hewitt (centre) with Moama RSL Club Operations Manager Adam Parker and club president Stan Barker.

A wry smile came across the face of Keith Hewitt as he accepted the keys from Moama RSL Club president Stan Baker last Friday night at the club’s Hyundai i30 car raffle draw.

Earlier in the day Keith had been beaten by Stan in the semi final of the Rich River Bowling Club’s singles championships.

“When we were posing in front of the car I said, ‘I think I’ll settle for the car instead of the bowls win’,” Keith said.

The refrigeration mechanic, who is a Division one pennant skip with the Rich River Club, was one of two Echuca Moama car winners from the extended weekend period.

Moama Bowling Club winner: Bowling Club marketing manager George Santos and Kia Echuca’s Duane Johns with one half of the winning car combination, Jill Marshall.

Jill Marshall thought she had won a new car outright when she was contacted by Moama Bowling Club manager George Santos on Monday evening after the drawing of the club’s Echuca Moama Tourism Kia Cerato car raffle.

It wasn’t until The Riv camera was taking a photo of the keys being handed over that a series of questions unveiled the fact that one of the tickets was a joint purchase.

Mr Santos, who had a photo of the ticket on his phone, was made aware that the other name on the ticket was in fact a former neighbour of Jill’s, Roger Pinson.

“We are very close friends, Roger and his wife Annie were great when my husband passed,” she said.

Two car winners in a matter of a few days is certainly a little unique, the wins coming at a perfect time for the recipients to celebrate a big Christmas.

Keith received his car from Stan Baker and RSL Club Operations Manager Adam Parker.

He was quite matter of fact about the result.

“It didn’t phase me that much, even though I had never won a car before,” he said.

“I was just amazed that my name was the first one pulled out.”

Whenever a RSL club patron spent $30 or more they qualified for a ticket in the draw.

“I’ve been there for tea a few times for tea, I probably had half a dozen tickets in the draw,” Keith said.

Keith was at the venue for the draw, having dinner with some friends and meeting a former workmate from Melbourne.

"I hadn’t seen this guy who I worked with for 25 years for ages,“ he said.

“It turned up to be a good catch up and half a hour later they drew my name out.”

Six envelopes were on a board, with only one having the Hyundai i30 in it.

There were other cash prizes, of $500 and $1000, along with vouchers at the club.

Keith picked the right envelope first up and the car was his.

“It was funny considering I had played the RSL president Stan Baker in the club singles earlier that day,” Keith said.

“He ended up winning 25-23. We were down to the last four.”

Keith said he would probably keep the car, replacing his wife’s 20-year-old vehicle.

“If the front passenger seat is all right I will be all good,” he said.

“The missus will be driving it.”

Between his motorcycle and work vehicle there is little time for Keith to drive a new car.

Jill Marshall was frantically leaving messages for close friend Roger Pinson on Monday after discovering that they had, in fact, shared the winning ticket for the Moama Bowling Club’s Kia Cerato.

“I bought three tickets in all, two by myself and I went halves in one ticket with Roger (Pinson),“ she said.

  • Jill had received a call from bowling club marketing manager George Santos saying she had won the car, Mr Santos not knowing the connection of Mrs Marshall to Mr Pinson.

On further investigation it was found that the pair were friends and would be sharing the windfall.

Mr Pinson works with Murray River Council, he and his wife former neighbours of Mrs Marshall.

“I went away to England on a trip with them. They were one of the first I rang when I was told about my winning ticket,” Mrs Marshall said.

Mrs Marshall has been a member of the club for almost 30 years and bought all her tickets at the club reception during her twice weekly visits to play bowls at the venue.

“I had left a message for Roger when I was first contacted saying, ‘sorry mate, I’ve won the car’.

“I’ve now left another message saying that ‘we’ have won the car,” she said.