Cow headbutts Jeremy Clarkson

Aussie icon: The 'lamb ad' is created each year by Meat & Livestock Australia. Pictured is ‘Lambassador’ and ex-AFL personality Sam Kekovich. Photo by MLA

The notorious former host of Top Gear has declared cows are “like Bruce Lee, only more deadly” after a too-close encounter.

Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has recently changed professions and taken up farming in the United Kingdom and is starring in a new Amazon Prime show called Clarkson’s Farm.

The Daily Star published on January 4 that Mr Clarkson labelled the attack “the lowest point in my farming career to date”.

“Being attacked by a cow while on my knees, in the mud, in a storm, with smashed testicles,” he said of the low point.

The incident happened while he was trying to move the herd into a new barn.

Despite the drama, Mr Clarkson said he slept better as a farmer and was glad he made the lifestyle change.

The first episode of Clarkson’s Farm features Mr Clarkson buying a tractor too big for his barn and failing to cultivate and drill his winter barley.

2022 lamb ad is here

In a world where people have forgotten what lies beyond Australia’s shores, one university student dares to dream differently after finding a stuffed koala with the words ‘Made In China’ printed on it.

Soon the entire east coast of Australia is trying to communicate with the outside world through barbecue smoke signals — and somehow, it works.

Such is the power of lamb.

The 2022 lamb ad by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) was launched on January 10 to favourable reviews.

Expect to see the advertisement on your TV soon as it hits the free-to-air channels and online video platforms.

MLA domestic marking manager Graeme Yardy said the MLA was all about breaking down state borders last year, but this year it was time to open up to the world.

“What better way to issue the invite than with tasty Australian lamb,” Mr Yardy said.

“The Make Lamb Not Walls (2021) campaign saw Aussies buy lamb more often with sales growth increasing 16.8 per cent.”

Mr Yardy said the 2022 ad built on the success of Make Lamb Not Walls.