Cracking week of golf for Delmenico


Play on Wednesday, June 15, sponsored by Finley Quality Meats, saw both the men and women play Stableford.

In the ladies’ event, the winner was Janet Delmenico with 34 points.

Ball winner was Maree Doyle with 30 points c/b.

NTP: 13th Annie Wood.

In the men's event, the winner was Colin McNamara with 39 points.

Ball winners were Anthony Kable and Alan Hand with 34, and Martin Piggin with 33.

NTP: 18th Mark Newton.

Thursday's nine hole Stableford last week was played on the front nine.

Lauren Taylor, off the white tees, was the winner with 18 points.

Ball winner was Barry Fahey with 14.

Saturday’s Stableford was sponsored by the Local Dentist.

Ladies’ winner was Janet Delmenico with 32 points.

Ball winner was Sharon Pyle with 28. Nobody found the 13th green.

Men's winner was Kevin McCumstie on 34 points.

Ball winners were Martin Piggin on 33 and David Cordell, also with 33.

NTP: 18th Paul Pinnuck.

Sunday was Monthly Medal sponsored by J & M Doyle.

Ladies winner was Janet Delmenico 96/24/72.

Ball winner was Helen Wastle 89/16/73.

The nett medal went to Delmenico and Wastle claimed the gross medal.

Putting was won by Delmenico with 28 c/b.


Div 1: Jason Pyle 85/13/72.

Div 2: Douglas Smith 99/19/80.

Ball winners were Adam Purtill 73, Paul Pinnuck 75, Trevor McCaw 78, Billy Smith 79 c/b.

NTP: 18th Paul Pinnuck.

Nett medal went to Jason Pyle and Purtill claimed the gross medal.

The Ladies Club Brooch on June 8 was sponsored by Paul Roberts Jewellers, and the winner was Marian Ayres 95/21/74.

Ball winners were Sharon Pyle 92/17/75 and Janet Delmenico 104/24/80 c/b.

Putting was won by Sharon Pyle with 25 putts.

The Men's Stableford was sponsored by Finley Quality Meats with Marting Piggin claiming the prize with 35 points.

Ball winners were John Taylor and Kevin Tengstrom both with 34 points.

NTP: 18th Trevor McCaw; Pro Pin 6th Jackpot.

The Friday fish competition on June 10 was won by Michael Schwabe on 36 points.

Ball winner was Colin McNamara 33 points.

Saturday, June 11 was the first day of the Finley Masters three day tournament, with Hutcheon and Pearce the major sponsor for the long weekend.

The event for the day was Bill Cook Memorial Men's and Ladies 4BBB, with members of Bill Cook’s family sponsoring the ladies event.

Helen McRae and Trish Jackson were the winners with 43 points. Runners-up were Janet Delmenico and Helen Wastle on 41.

Ball winners were Kellie White and Christine Shaw with 40 points, and Mary Polkinghorne and Gai Singleton on 38.

In the men's event, winners were Colin McNamara and James Braybon with 42 c/b. RUnners-up were Paul Pinnuck and Alan Brennan 42 points.

Ball winners were Robert Ross and Sel Corcoran on 39, Rick Harris and Wayne Peasley on 39, Simon DeSousa and Phil O'Brien (Canberra) with 37.

Pro Pin 6th Jackpot.

Sunday, June 12 was Men's/ Ladies Stroke.


Scratch: Helen Wastle 91, R/U Sharon Pyle 95.

Nett: Marian Ayres 95/21/74 c/b, R/U Kaye Sutton 93/19/74.

Ball winners were Michelle O'Brien (Canberra)102/25/77 and Susan DeSousa (Canberra)104/25/79c/b.


Division 1 Scratch: Thomas Deane (Canberra) 80 c/b, R/U Grant Wilson 81.

Division 1 Nett: Jason Pyle 84/13/71, R/U Sam Singleton 80/8/72.

Division 2 Scratch: Kevin Tengstrom 85, R/U Sel Corcoran 91.

Division 2 Nett: Rand Wilson 102/29/73 c/b, R/U Alan Hand 93/20/73.

Ball winners were Colin McNamara 75, Brett Murphy 75, Robert Ross 75, Douglas Smith 76, Darren John 77, Ray Healey and Phil O'Brien (Canberra) 78 c/b.

NTPs: 3rd and 11th Sel Corcoran, 6th Billy Smith, Pro Pin 18th Clinton Knight.

Sunday, June 13 was the Mixed 4BBB and a PWOP Stableford.

In the Stableford event, Martin Piggin claimed the prize with 37 points.

Ball winner was Barry Fahey 33 points.

Mixed 4BBB winners were Lauren and Logan Taylor (Tocumwal) with 43 points.

Runners-up were Grant and Jeanette Weaver (Barham) with 41 points c/b.

Ball winners were Leo McNamara and Kellie White 41 points, Lindsay Donkin and Sharon Pyle 40 points and Douglas Smith and Mary Polkinghorne also with 40 points.


On Tuesday, June 14, the ladies played a Mulligans four person teams event with the best two scores to count.

Winners were Lauren Taylor, Bobette Wilkinson, Jo Boake and Maxine Sadler on 97.

Second was Helen Crilly, Anne Beveridge, Linda Forsyth and Margaret Murphy on 94.

NTPs: 2nd Lauren Taylor, 8th Lauren Taylor, 14th Libby Quick, 17th Maxine Sadler.

Wednesday, June 15 was a Stableford 4BBB competition on the President’s course.

Winners were Peter Quick and Nev Finn with 44 points.

Runners-up were Terry Stokes and Barry Gook with 43 and Desmond Kucks and Colin Rangitonga were third, also with 43.

NTPs: 2nd Brian Morgan, 8th Graeme Filippe, 14th Logan Taylor, 18th Peter Quick.

Scores were kept low on Saturday with cold and foggy conditions, with even Par winning the ladies and men’s Division 1.


Division 1: Lindy Cooper 0; R/U Susan Hawe -2.

Division 2: Nat Beard -5; R/U Shirley Desailly -6.


Division 1: Ross Clark 0; R/U Brett Molnar -1; 3rd Daryll Stalker -1.

Division 2: Bruce Cavanagh -1; R/U Jim Williams -1; 3rd Brian Dare -4.

Gold Division: Cherryl Rossborough -4.

NTPs: 2nd Helen Crilly & Steven Deller; 8th Shellei Clark & Rodney Smith; 14th Bec Jeffers & Michael Cooper; 17th Shellei Clark & Rodney Smith.

On Sunday, the competition was Stableford on the President’s course.


Division 1: Jannie Hills 40 points; R/U Patricia Small 33 points; 3rd Lindy Cooper 29 points.


Division 1: Randall Jakeman 36 points; R/U Murray Chapman 35 points; 3rd Geoffrey Quick 34 points.

Division 2: Ricky Bourke 33 points; R/U Bernard Clements 32 points; 3rd Stuart Lemmens 32 points.

Division 3: Ron Denning 35 points; R/U Doug carney 34 points; 3rd Alan Michalowsky 32 points.

Gold Division: Phillip Lovelace 27 points.

NTPs: 2nd Leigh Dolby & Jo Boake; 8th Terry Stokes; 14th Denis Myers; 18th Daryll Stalker & Tracey Shalders.


Sunday's stroke competition was won by Matt Whelan (79-4-75).

Runner-up was Neil Graham (102-26-76).

Jeff Stein won the putting with 26 putts, and ball winner was Chris Cameron (85-5-80).

This Sunday is the first round of the Club Championships, and the first round of Match Play.

Tee off is at 12.30pm.