Deni sheep sale:

It was a smaller winter yarding presented at Deniliquin on Tuesday, ahead of the transition into young lambs.

Agents advise the region's annual run of new season stock will kick-off in a fortnight.

There was a reasonable selection of heavy lambs in this sale before quality tailed-out into smaller clean-up lots.

There was also a significant number of Merino ram lambs and ram hoggets penned.

While the data shows price falls on a fortnight ago, in comparison to more recent sales in the area, bidding for heavy lambs in the 24kg to 30kg carcase weight range was actually more consistent and at a stronger carcase price average.

But any odd lots of a few head or lambs in long untidy skins continued to struggle for support.

The main run of crossbred lambs in the 26kg to 30kg carcase weight range sold from $179 to $198/head to average an estimated 660c to 680c/kg carcase weight.

The better presented 24kg to 26kg carcase weight pens sold from $171 to $179/head.

Plainer domestic lambs were from $130 to $160/head and quality in the light weight lambs was mostly plain at $80 to $125/head.

Trade weighted Merino lambs sold from $128 to $144, with smaller types from $89 to $116/head.

Sheep prices showed declines on a fortnight ago, but again the market didn't go as low as some recent markets in cents per kilogram terms.

Heavier mutton sold from $136 to $184/head.

Top sales:

Lambs - G & E Barker, $198.20; Askrame Pty Ltd, $196.00; M & K Barnes, $191.60.

Hoggetts - Askrame Pty Ltd, $177.20; L Park, $175.60; J Barker, $167.60.

Sheep - S & L Fawns, $184.00; Millabong Pastoral, $168.00; M & K Barnes, $146.00.

Rams - G & E Barker, $146.00; Australian Food & Agriculture, $115.00; Australian Food & Agriculture, $98.00.

~ Contributed by Meat Livestock Australia market reporter Jenny Kelly and Elders Rural Services Deniliquin, on behalf of the Deniliquin Associated Agents.