Family heirloom lost

A close-up of the inscription on the candelabra.

A descendant of John Taylor, the prominent developer of Deniliquin Township, is on the hunt for a lost family heirloom which has been in the family for more than 160 years.

Heidi Ahrens, the great-great-grandaughter of Mr Taylor was under the impression the the heirloom, a silver candelabra, had been donated to the Deniliquin Historical Society after her cousin, Grant Taylor, in whose possession it was passed away.

Since contacting the Historical Society, Ms Ahrens received the news that it had not seen, nor knew of its existence.

The candelabra was presented to Mr Taylor in 1864, by the ‘’Squatters and other Gentlemen residents’’ of the district.

The inscription on the heirloom reads:

Presented to Mr John Taylor of Deniliquin by the Magistrates, Squatters and other Gentlemen residents of the district as a recognition of his gallant and praiseworthy conduct in having recaptured four prisoners who escaped from Deliniquin Goal on the 21st day of March A.D.1864.

Ms Ahrens said the family still have two silver claret jugs with the same inscription, which have been in the family for as long as she remembers.

“The candelabra graced my mother’s dining table for years until she passed it onto the only male Taylor left, my cousin Grant,” she said.

If anyone in the community knows of the whereabouts or has any information about the missing heirloom, they are encouraged to email Ms Ahrens on

The silver candelabra presented to Mr John Taylor in 1864.