Kagome provides comfort for palliative care room

(From left) Sandy Georaras from Kagome, Deniliquin Health Service cluster manager Craig McColm and facility manager Ginny Lange and Darcy Kirchhofer from Kagome.

A program which allowed locals to sample locally grown tomatoes earlier this year continues to pay dividends.

The Kagome ‘Pick a Box’ day saw more than 140 people from the local area pick a box, or five, of beautifully ripened fruit at Kagome’s Moonee Valley farm near Mayrung.

A $10 charge for each box resulted in a donation to Deniliquin Hospital last week of $4800 - $2400 from the day, matched by the company.

Kagome’s north farming area manager Darcy Kirchhofer said it was a great response for the first local ‘Pick A Box’ event, which he confirmed would be held again in the future.

“We have been farming in the area now for about three, four years,” said Mr Kirchhofer.

“We are all about finding ways to give back to the local community, and the support for this event means we will definitely be back for another event in Deni.

“The ‘Pick A Box’ event is a great way to bring the community together and raise money for local organisations.”

The funding has been earmarked for the new Palliative Care room at Deniliquin Hospital, to be built using $210,000 in grant funding.

Deniliquin Health Service facility manager Ginny Lange said the build is expected to start in the second half of this year.

Mrs Lange said the donation will be used for soft furnishings, ensuring this room is comfortable for families to spend time with their loved ones.

“We feel privileged that Deniliquin Health Service has been given the opportunity to be the recipients of this fundraising event, and Kagome’s generosity is very much appreciated,” she said.

“We remain amazed at the commitment and generosity of our local community and the support provided to the Deniliquin Health Service.

“Work such as this makes such a significant difference to our patients, consumers, clients and the community at large, and this generous donation is used effectively to improve the comfort and experience of community members who access our services.”