Ley returned in Farrer

Sussan Ley has been returned as the Member for Farrer in the federal election.

The Liberal Party’s Sussan Ley convincingly won the seat of Farrer in Saturday’s Federal election, returning her once again to the seat she has held since 2008.

With first preference votes counted at 85 of the 87 polling stations by noon on Monday, Ms Ley had received 53.36 per cent of the vote, with 46,966 votes.

This was a swing of 2.65 per cent in her favour on the last election.

In second spot was Labor’s Darren Cameron with 18.96 per cent of the vote, with 16,683 votes.

The Greens Eli Davern was in third spot with 7488 votes (8.51 per cent), while Pauline Hanson’s One Nation candidate Richard Francis was fourth with 5455 votes (6.2 per cent).

Paul Britton from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party was fifth with 4483 votes (5.09 per cent), Julie Ramos from United Australia Party sat in sixth position with 2882 votes (3.27 votes).

Independent Amanda Duncan-Strelec polled 2694 voted (3.06 per cent) to finish seventh, while Liberal Democrats candidate Ian Roworth rounded out the eight candidates with 1358 votes (1.54 per cent.

In the two-party preferred count, with 86 of 87 polling places counted by 10pm on Tuesday, Ms Ley had polled 67.21 per cent of the vote, while Labor’s Mr Cameron had 32.79 per cent of the vote.

Sussan Ley has been returned as the Member for Farrer in the federal election.

This represented a 2.62 per cent swing aways from the Liberals towards Labor.

In Deniliquin, Mathoura and Blighty, Ms Ley polled the highest of all the candidates.

Her results in Deniliquin ranged between 54.80 per cent of the pre-polling vote to 44.71 per cent of the votes at Edward Public School polling booth.

The ALP candidate polled the second best at each of the Deniliquin booths, with his percentage of the vote ranging from 20.71 per cent at the Edward Public School booth to 13.80 per cent at the Scout Hall booth.

In Mathoura, Ms Ley took 54.20 per cent of the vote, while Mr Cameron finished with 16.80 per cent.

While Ms Ley also received the highest number of votes at Blighty, with 55.70 per cent of the vote, the polling booth differed to the others with the Pauline Hanson One Nation candidate finishing second with 15.82 per cent of the vote.

It is the eighth time Ms Ley has won the Farrer election and she said she was humbled by the support of the voters.

Ms Ley said residents cast their vote based on what she had done during the past three years in the position.

“I’ve worked hard over three years and we saw that in the result on Saturday,” she said.

The Farrer seat was one of the few Liberal-held seats in NSW to see an overall first preference swing in favour of the Liberals.

Gilmore and Lindsay were the only other two electorates in the state where the Liberals recorded a swing in their favour.

“Most Liberals (seats) lost traction,” Ms Ley said.

“It (my increase in primary votes) has given me the energy and enthusiasm to keep going and representing my electorate,” Ms Ley said.

She paid tribute to all those who helped in her campaign.

“Thank you to everyone who came out to support me. There were some great volunteers in Deniliquin,” Mr Ley said.

“A campaign is not a solo effort, it is a team effort.”

Ms Ley touched on the fact Labor won the Federal election, with Anthony Albanese the new Prime Minister.

“We have a Labor Government. I’m devastated by that,” she said.

“It’s of concern to water-dependent communities.

“My job is to fight now for every drop of water Labor want to take away.”