Lions, Rotary celebrate together

(From left) Lion Richard Fogarty, Rotarian Denise Phillips and Rotary assistant governor Martin Wilmshurst.

The Deniliquin Lions and Deniliquin Rotary club came together last weekend, to celebrate 130 years of combined service.

More than 60 past, present and future members attended to celebrate the impressive milestones for the two clubs.

The night included a lovely dinner, drinks and some words from Rotary president Angela Frino and Lions president Carole Stevenson.

Honorary club members were in attendance, including Lions original charter member Norm Barnett, Melvin Jones fellows, Geoff Riley, Patrick Hogan and Daryl Whateley, who have served more that 150 combined years as Lions and Rotary assisting governor Martin Wilmshurst and incoming governor, David McPherson.

(From left, front) Dot Wharron, Janet Mathewson, Carolyn Barnett and Carole Stevenson. (Back, from left) Robert Wharron, Carol Kennedy and Kath Kennedy.
Lions president Carole Stevenson and original charter member, Norm Barnett.
(From left) Lion Mike and Cheryl Hallinan, Rotarian Dan Salmon and Roseanne Farrant.
Rotary president Angela Frino and Doug Parker.
Rotarian Ian McAtamney (left) and Lion Geoff Riley.