Local students build relationships

Edward Public School students Georgia Daniels and Ella Clark push two Deniliquin preschoolers on the big swing.

Year 5/6 students from Edward Public School have been visiting Deniliquin Preschool each Tuesday, as part of their Building Relationships in the Community unit.

Each week the students walk from school and spend 45 minutes with the preschool children, forging friendships and building relationships within the community.

EPS teacher Kristy Tremble said the children are enjoying their time at the preschool immensely.

“They enjoy playing with playdough, painting, playing dress ups, hide and seek, tag, playing in the sandpit and performing puppet shows for the younger kids,” she said.

“In coming weeks the students will be introducing technology to the kids.”

The aim of this unit is to introduce the students to people and organisations in the community, helping them to forge friendships and build relationships.

Students Nate Profitt and Logan Pasco in the sandpit.
Darcy Finn and Kywahn Button assist the preschoolers with the building blocks.