Nationwide and American visitors

Queenslander Jad Dennis and his military enthusiast mates in his amphibious jeep taking an afternoon cruise on the Murray River for the 42nd annual KVE Corowa Swim-In. A total of 255 vehicles and over 1,000 people converged on Corowa for a spectacular week-long event.

42nd Annual Corowa Swim-In & Military Vehicle Gathering

KVE members travelled from all over the nation to attend the 2022 Corowa Swim-In, including the Keith family who travelled 900km from Burren Junction, NSW with multiple vehicles.

Jad Dennis from Caboolture in Queensland made the 1560km trip bringing his 1942 Ford GPA (amphibious Jeep).

Mr Dennis purchased the vehicle five months ago and enjoyed taking friends into the very full Murray River last week.

“It’s a lot of fun being able to drive on land and water. Nothing beats having a cold beer on the water too,” he said.

Mr Dennis attended the very first Corowa Swim-In in 1980. “I was five years old when I first came. I try and get back as much as possible,” he said.

It was Don Teresi who travelled the greatest distance flying to Australia from Seattle, Washington in the United States.

“It was just two degrees when I left Seattle, but this weather is wonderful,” Mr Teresi said.

“I’m originally from southern California and grew up where it was warm so I always looked forward to wearing my t-shirts and Vans.”

Mr Teresi, who owns his own air-con duct cleaning business in the states, has travelled to Australia numerous times before and even lived in Sydney for two years.

“I started coming to the Corowa Sim-In five years ago and this is the fourth one I have attended,” he said.

“I love the variety of vehicles that show up. You never know what’s going to be here. I also love being able to hang out with my friends. I’ve known Jim Harris for thirty odd years. Jim was over in the US buying parts one year and a friend introduced us. We had the same interest in military vehicles and other things and so we really hit it off.”

Back home, Mr Teresi owns a jeep as well an army trailer which he purchased while visiting one year.

“It’s the only the only Number 4 Australian Army Trailer in the US!” he said. “It has plates with a kangaroo, and it goes nicely on the back of the jeep.”

Ball Park Caravan Park Managers Andrew and Sonia Palmer said it was great to host the KVE group once again.

“It’s been a big week, but we are thrilled to see the park full once again,” the Palmers said.

“It’s been a fantastic atmosphere all week and everyone has been so well behaved.”