Police: Bail refused on assaults

Photo by Ben185

A 27 year-old man has been remanded in custody after being arrested in Deniliquin on Tuesday.

Wanted on two outstanding warrants, relating to two separate alleged assaults in December, police went to a west Deniliquin home about 4.30pm.

After forcing entry, they reportedly found the man laying on the floor between a mattress and a wall.

There was an alleged struggle during the arrest, which resulted in him being forced to the ground by officers and handcuffed.

He was charged with both warrants and resisting police, and bail refused. He was transferred to a correctional facility in Albury pending his next court appearance.

Cannabis seized

Nine cannabis plants measuring between 40cm and 1m have been seized from an east Deniliquin home.

Police said the plants were found during the execution of a search warrant about 10.30am Wednesday.

Police also report to have found cannabis leaf and seed inside the home.

A 51 year-old woman has been charged with cultivating a prohibited plant and possession of a prohibited drug.

Firearm charge

A 20 year-old Deniliquin man has been charged with possession of an unauthorised and prohibited weapon, and resisting police, stemming from an incident in September.

Police said the man was the passenger in a car stopped in September, who was asked to produce his phone for examination.

He allegedly refused, instead handing the device to another person and instructing him to smash it. The phone was damaged as a result.

Police seized the phone, and after lengthy examination reportedly found evidence the man was in possession of a firearm with a ‘‘significantly shortened’’ barrel and stock, making it a prohibited firearm. Police also allege the man did not have a firearms licence.

He was charged on Tuesday, and bailed to appear in court on April 5.