Prize of the week Jan 18

Okay folks, this is the last of our summer book prize pack giveaways.

This week’s pack includes:

The Prince’s Gambit by Anna Seghers, published by Penguin Viking.

With their countries on the brink of war, Damen and his master Prince Laurent exchange the intrigues of the palace for the sweeping might of the battlefield as they travel to the border to avert a lethal plot. Leading a band of loyal men against desperate odds, Damen must fight together with Laurent to overcome machinations, ambushes and betrayals. With the future of both their nations at stake, a single misstep could be fatal.

Department 19 by Will Hill, published by Harper Collins.

Jamie Carpenter's life changed two years ago when his father died in front of their house. With this father labelled a traitor, Jamie and his mother are not welcome anywhere. But when Marie Carpenter is kidnapped by a vampire, Jamie has to join forces with a certain Victor Frankenstein and Department 19 — an organisation an ancestor of his helped establish — to get his mother back again.

Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson, published by Hachette Australia.

This novel from one of science fiction’s most powerful voices, tells the incredible story of mankind's first voyage beyond the solar system in search of a new home — Aurora.

The Summon Stone by Ian Irvine, published by Hachette Australia.

The Merdrun, cruel warriors blooded by thousands of years of slaughter, are gathering in the void between the worlds. Their long-hidden summon stone is waking, corrupting good people as well as bad. In a nightmare, a nine-year-old girl sees the Merdrun leader — and he sees her. If her parents Karan and Llian are to save their daughter and their world, they must find a way to stop the greatest warrior in the void.

The Witchwood Crown by Tad Williams, published by Hachette Australia.

Thirty years ago Ineluki, the Storm King, was destroyed and his armies scattered. Osten Ard has been at peace ever since, ruled by Simon Snowlock, kitchen-boy-made-king, and Miriamele, King Elias' only child. But now age weighs upon their reign. A journey of redemption and discovery beckons in the darkening world.

And in the frozen North, Ineluki's ally, the Norn Queen, wakes from her deep, decades-long sleep and tells her followers that she will sleep no more ... and the Witchwood Crown will finally be hers.


For a chance to win this prize pack, send your name, address, daytime phone number and the answer to this question: What’s on the front page of today’s Country News? to: Country Life ‘Fantasy pack’ Competition, PO Box 8000, Shepparton 3632, by Friday, January 28.

Please note: You must pick up your prize from our Shepparton office (7940 Goulburn Valley Hwy, Shepparton).