Rutherglen Place Plan- have your say

Residents of Rutherglen are being encouraged to have their say about how they want to shape their town over the next 30 years.

Indigo Shire Council is developing a draft place plan which will become a guide for growth and development for the community within the township.

At last week’s monthly council meeting, council appointed Councillor Teissl to the Rutherglen Place Plan Steering Committee who provides strategic guidance and work in partnership with Indigo Shire Council throughout the development of the Rutherglen Place Plan.

When adopted, the place plan will support existing plans and strategies, guide infrastructure development, support community advocacy and, critically, improve funding success of projects within Rutherglen.

While the aim of this initial engagement will be to capture the essence of the entire town, the place plan will focus on four main themes to drive:

1.Growth and development

2.Sustainable development within the township

3.Considerations for the Rutherglen town centre,

4.Tourism opportunities and social capital.

The main aims of the place plan are to:

•Address opportunities and challenges within Rutherglen associated with the place plan themes

•Capture the desires of the entire Rutherglen community for the future of the town

•Establishing short, medium and long term goals for Rutherglen

•Establishing priority projects for Rutherglen

•Provide recommendations around strategies, actions, timeframes, costs and funding sources

To contribute to the Rutherglen Place Plan visit