Shopping local leads to big win

Diggers owner Megan Sutton and Akubra competition winner Kellie Corscadden with her prize. Photo by Bryanna Rossow

Kellie Corscadden has her husband to thank for her name being drawn as the winner of the Diggers Country Outfitters Christmas Akubra competition.

Her husband’s Christmas purchases — which included some bracelets, earrings, and a voucher — led to Mrs Corscadden’s name being plucked out of an Akubra filled with more than 500 entries.

‘‘I was very excited. There were so many other entries, so I was shocked to have actually won,’’ said Mrs Corscadden.

Diggers owner, Megan Sutton said the Christmas competition was a great success.

‘‘I was so surprised by the number of entries we had for the competition,’’ she said.

‘‘We had a small entry box which quickly started to overflow, so we had to do the draw from a large Akubra instead.’’

To go into the draw, customers had to spend more than $150 in store, which Mrs Sutton said was such a great initiative to encourage people to shop locally.

While Mrs Corscadden won’t be taking the hat for herself, she is still deciding whether she will give it to her son or daughter who are both very keen to own a new Akubra.

She added the competition is a great reminder for the community to continue shopping locally all year round.

‘‘We want our shops in Deni to stay around, and we can only do this by continuing to support our local shops,’’ she said.

Mrs Sutton thanked the community for all the support over the Christmas period, and said she hopes to run the competition again next year with the support of Akubra.