God is on your side, not against you

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

We don’t need to look very hard to find fault in other people around us and we then use the problems we see to explain why ‘‘everyone else’’ makes it so difficult for us to live as we would like to.

The problem with that view is that we are also part of the ‘‘everyone else’’.

When we consider that it would seem the problem must be pretty widespread, or even universal, and maybe each person’s desire to get things exactly as they want affects someone else’s desire to do the same.

We have been well trained to look out for our own interests!

The selfishness we experience would seem to turn us against each other and also against a loving creator who the Bible tells us has created people as part of a ‘‘good’’ creation to work in harmony with him.

The Bible calls this selfishness Sin and, from the beginning of God’s plan to restore his creation to its original good design, many people realise that there is a problem and want to fix it themselves.

Many others just think that ‘‘God is out to get them’’ for being so rebellious, without realising that God is actually on our side to overcome the problem.

In the coming weeks, let’s look at God’s plan and why it is so necessary for us.

~ Contributed by Bruce Driver from Deniliquin Uniting Church on behalf of the Combined Churches of Deniliquin.