Lockington wins $100,000

By Geoff Adams

Lockington is the Victorian winner of Rural Aid’s inaugural Ten Town Makeover initiative which aims to highlight the impact of one of the worst droughts in history on small country towns.

The 10 country towns will receive a minimum of $100,000 commitment to support the makeover of the towns over a five-year period.

The $100,000 includes:

  • $10,000 for town leaders to workshop with experts in rural/regional town renewal with the aim of developing a long-term renewal strategy. These facilitated workshops will support the long-term sustainability of the town and local community.
  • $90,000 will be spent on materials for maintenance projects identified by the town leaders, that fits within our scope of work. If available, materials will be sourced locally to support local businesses.

Rural Aid’s Farm Army of volunteers) will spend a week in the town in the first year bringing a welcome financial injection to the town’s local businesses. Our support over the remaining years will be determined by the leaders of the town once the plans for the town have been developed.

Chair of Lockington Planning Group, Wendy Sims said she was thrilled to be part of the Lockington community. "Being a recipient town of the 10 Town Makeover Initiative with Rural Aid is a great privilege.”