Mooroopna local gets a sweet surprise

By Spencer Fowler Steen

A Mooroopna woman was left speechless on Friday morning when a kind stranger she'd met at Coles earlier in the day delivered sugar to her at the Mooroopna golf course.

Christine Anne, 74, said she was lining up at Mooroopna's Coles supermarket at 7 am on Friday morning to buy sugar after not being able to find any the previous day, when she started chatting with a lady in the line in front of her.

“I told her all I wanted was a packet of sugar to make relish with,” Ms Anne said.

“I said to her, ‘I’ve got golf at eight'.

“When I was coming out, she was going back in to buy something, and she asked me, ‘did you get sugar?'.

“I said ‘no, there was none there'.”

Sugarless, Ms Anne went to the Mooroopna golf course to play nine holes with some friends.

Just as she finished, the same lady who she'd met hours earlier walked up to her on the golf course with a packet of sugar in her hands.

“She said ‘you’re the lady who wanted the sugar’," Ms Anne said.

“I was elated, out of this world, it’s hard to explain how I felt.

“I was that dumbfounded I forgot to ask her name.”

Ms Anne said she offered to pay the woman, but she refused.

She said the anonymous woman, who was a senior about the same age, went to Aldi to buy the sugar.

“She said ‘I was in Aldi shopping, there was the sugar, so I got it for you'.

“She must've known I’d be finished golf in about 2 hours.

“I went back to the girls in the golf club and said ‘you're not going to believe this'.

“I was just flabbergasted.”

The woman left the Mooroopna golf course in a white car before Ms Anne could get her name, but she wished to thank her for the act of kindness.

Ms Anne will be making relish with the sugar to give to her children and grandchildren.