Rough road trip for RSL

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Deniliquin RSL Bowling Club were once again no match for their Division One opponents in round two of the Campaspe Valley Bowls Division.

RSL lost on all three rinks against Rochester at Rochester, suffering a 25 shot overall loss; 88 to 63.

Larry Seely’s team of Rod Reid, Chris Taylor and Darren Greaves got away to a nine shot lead after seven ends but could not hold on and after the break, They could only manage to win four ends and went down by 10 shots.

Final score, Rochester 33 to RSL 23.

Conway Bovell’s side of Craig Taylor, Joanne Bovell and Tony Tonta went down by 12 shots, also battling after the break to win just four ends.

Final score, Rochester 30 to RSL 18.

Daryl Weymoth’s side of Bruce Clancy, Jenny Tonta and Ken Wellard went down by just three shots but were behind all day.

Final score, Rochester 25 to RSL 22.

Division Three also travelled to Rochester and were defeated by 11 shots; 79 to 68.

Tony King’s side of Don McCalman, Allan Hodges and Neville Austin was one of only two RSL winning sides across all divisions for the day, getting up by two shots.

After 19 ends they were down by seven shots but managed to win five of the last six ends to get up.

Final score, RSL 25 to Rochester 23.

Brian Clancy’s side of Lyn Hardcastle, Chris Frampton and Graham Gordon lost by one shot.

It was a tight game throughout with only one shot the difference at the break.

Final score, Rochester 24 to RSL 23.

Tim Dover’s side of Wayne and Cheryl Bradley and Archie Webster went down by 12 shots.

After four ends they were down by 11 shots and fought back by the break to be only two shots down.

But RSL could only manage to win four ends after play continued.

Final score, Rochester 32 to RSL 20.

Division Five lost to Elmore by the barest of margins, going down overall by one shot; 42 to 41.

Jim Rhook’s side of Ian McKenzie, Sandra Hill and Ken Bowdon lost by seven shots.
At the break, RSL was up by two but could not hold on to the lead.

Final score, Elmore 25 to RSL 18.

John Wilson’s side of Tony and Paul Connor and Tim Freeman won by six shots, winning eight of the last 10 ends to score a rink win.

Final score RSL 23 to Elmore 17.