Moama too strong for DBC

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Deniliquin Bowling Club’s Division One missed out on finals following a loss to second placed Moama on Saturday.

Deni’s Campaspe Valley Bowls Division round 14 defeat saw them finish 33 shots down; 87 to 54.

Simon Chisholm’s team of John Flisher, Rob Morris and Steve King had a close game, finishing with a draw, 22-all.

Stefan Truelsen and his team of Peter Chadderton, Shane Laing and William Young were nine shots down at the end of play, 26 to 17.

Jamie Shields’ side of David Hessell, Russell Douglas and Lindsay Franklin were no match for their opponents, going down by 24 shots, 39 to 15.

Division Two made finals despite losing Saturday’s game against first placed Moama, 68 to 55.

Steve O’Brien’s side of Lee Hillier, Graham Nesbit and Mark Tasker were the only winning rink finishing 10 shots up, 30 to 20.

Linda Harris’ team of Larry Seely, Harry Lea and Winnie Pattinson went down by 13 shots, 25 to 12.

Paul Snare and his team of Stuart Treble, Lloyd Richie and Toni Brooksby went down by 10 shots, 23 to 13.

Division Two finished fourth on the ladder.

Division Three won by just one shot, defeating Moama with a final score of 67 to 66.

Lee Pattinson’s side of Kevin Keane, Col Knuckey and Raymond Hay had a close game, going down by just two shots, 26 to 24.

Tom Todd’s team of Ray Anderson, Graham Dedman and Noel Murray went down by six shots, 24 to 18.

Tony Danckert and his team of Caryn Hillier, Tony King and Maxine Norton were the only rink winners, finishing nine shots up on their opponents to win 25 to 16.

Unfortunately the win was not enough to secure a spot in finals, with Division Three finishing fifth.

Division Five finished the season as minor premiers following a close four shot win against second placed Moama, 46 to 42.

Mike Donohue’s team dominated with Tony Smith, Andrew Knuckey and Sheena Wubbles all contributing to their 15 shot win, 28 to 13.

Alan Hardcastle’s side of Jeff Rose, Ian Chessels and Lou Villella battled hard, but finished 11 shots behind their counterparts, 29 to 18.