Stadium sports report:

By Contributor

Deniliquin Stadium hosted round three of its weekly sporting competition this week.

Results are as follows:

Monday Mixed Netball:

Ambos 33 def. Nikita’s Team 15.

Best Players:  Miller Fitzpatrick, Cable Fitzpatrick (Ambos); Dylan Osborne, Carissa Holmberg (Nikita’s Team).

Tune Squad 32 def. Danica’s Team 11.

Best Players: Lewis Habraken, Boddie Arthur (Tune Squad); Chris Hovenden, Dion Winter (Danica’s Team).

Gallagher Fencing 55 def. Team Jukes 15

Best Players: Annie Harvey, Ella Harvey (Gallagher Fencing); Melissa Jukes, Matt O’Connor (Team Jukes).

Tayla’s Team 33 def. Care South Shakers 27.

Best Players: Andrew May, Brett Macdonald (Tayla’s Team); Nat Sampson, Rita Howard (Care South Shakers).

Muskabeers 49 def. Afton’s Team 2.0

Best Players: Dane Maxwell, Lizzie Tasker (Muskabeers); Lilli Free, Afton Smith (Afton’s Team).

Tuesday Ladies Netball:

CWS 58 def. Danica’s Team 11.

Best Players: Madi Leetham, Laura Circuitt (CWS); Marisa Hovenden, BJ Davis (Danica’s Team).

Three Feet 44 def. Rovers 16.

Best Players: Ash Petterwood, Katie Barling (Three Feet); Bree Brown, Prue Meharry (Rovers).

Sharkies 46 def. Deni Party Hire 19.

Best Players: Ella Harvey, Ella Park (Sharkies); Rachel Hare, Lilli Free (Deni Party Hire).

Rowdy Pineapples 41 def. The Chix 21.

Best Players: Jill Kearney, Natasha Davies (Rowdy Pineapples); Laura Biggs, Steff Robinson (The Chix).

Bye - Redeyes.

Ladder: Sharkies 16 (284%), Rowdy Pineapples 16 (159%), Deni Party Hire 12, CWS 8 (171%), Three Feet 8 (139%), Rovers 8 (107%), The Chix 4 (90%), Redeyes 4 (54%), Danica’s Team 4 (45%).

Wednesday Men’s Basketball:

Watters 37 def. Bricklayers 34.

Watters points: John Allitt 17, Brad Poka 7.

Bricklayers: Sam Willoughby 16, Jack Tonta 5, Lach Trotman 5.

Best Players: John Allitt, Lachlan Holschier (Watters); Sam Willoughby, Lachy Trotman (Bricklayers).

Rams 41 def. The Blues 31.

Rams: Rob Barnes 12, Terry Lumbar 9, Jamie Chadderton 7, Troy Bartlett 6.

The Blues: Zak Thomson 15, Daniel Hughes 7, Con Thalasinos 5.

Best Players: Rob Barnes, Ryan Chadderton (Rams); Zak Thomson, Daniel Hughes (The Blues).

Globe Hotel 36 def. Tune Squad 16.

Globe Hotel: Ryan MacDonald 10, Brett Macdonald 8.

Tune Squad: Jake Parsons 5.

Best Players: Ryan MacDonald, Dane Maxwell (Globe Hotel); Mick Everett, Jake Parsons (Tune Squad).

Bye - IGA Reds.

Ladder: Watters 16, Globe Hotel 12, IGA Reds 12, Rams 12, Bricklayers 8, The Blues 4, Tune Squad 0.