All wins for Rams

Caitlyn Sims looks for her opportunity to pass. Photo by Wayne Bradley.

A-grade: Deni Rams 79 def Numurkah 30.

The A-grade Rams continued their dominant start to the season with a strong win against Numurkah.

With a huge four quarter effort, the team ran it out with mid-court defensive pressure and numerous intercepts across the court, proving their hard work at training is paying off.

Amelia Seignior was solid and steady at WD and completely shut down her opponent’s drive to circle edge.

Rhiannan Maxwell’s power in the ring was impressive - shooting out the game at 90 per cent accuracy and scoring 52 of the 79 goals scored by the rams.

Chloe Way showcased her youth and speed with powerful drives in attack.

Awards: Premier Financial Planning - Amelia Seignior; Deni Rams - Spot Maxwell; Total Bliss - Chloe Way.

B-grade: Deni Rams 60 def Numurkah 29.

After their loss last week, the B-grade girls worked hard to ensure they held a good position in the ladder.

They put in four solid quarters of effort to come away with a 31-goal win against Numurkah.

As a team they worked well to support each other, with great talk and direction on the court.

Keeley Coates and Kayla Hussey worked well in the ring to support each other and teamed with the strong feeds by Steph Birk saw them shooting many goals.

Hannah Ford worked tirelessly in defence to put pressure on the Numurkah shooters.

An awesome team effort.

Awards: Druitt Earthworks - Keely Coates; Deni Rams - Kayla Hussey; Total Bliss - Hannah Ford; Rams Bar - Steph Burke.

C-grade: Deni Rams 50 def Numurkah 39.

The C-grade girls had another great win with every player giving 100 per cent to their team’s performance.

There was great defensive and attacking skills shown all over the court resulting in an 11-goal win.

The girls showed that they are a fit and strong team, which is evident each week.

Awards: Central IGA - Steph Maher; Deni Rams - Amber Farley; Total Bliss - Janice Hilton.

C-reserve: Deni Rams 44 def Numurkah 23.

This week’s game was C-reserve’s best game of the season so far.

The transitions from defence to attack were seamless, the mid-court was wide open and the connections between team mates was telepathic.

Eliza Ryan was on fire in the shooting circle. Eliza’s rebounding was strong and consistent and her movement in and out of the circle provided multiple options and flow.

Rhi Roe played as the last line of defence and did not disappoint. She used her abilities to block up the oppositions shooting circle and continuing forced her opponent to re-set and re-think their movement.

Captain courageous Krissy Nieuwenhuizen lead from the front. She chased from start to finish and was relentless.

Krissy continually blocked her opponent’s path to circle edge and her defensive efforts were then followed up by strong attacking drives.

A special mention to Demi’s off balance, nearly out of court lay-up shot.

Awards: Druitt Earthworks - Eliza Ryan; Deni Rams - Rhi Roe; Total Bliss - Krissy Nieuwenhuizen.

Under-17s: Deni Rams 48 def Numurkah 39.

A game against the Numurkah Blues is always a tough battle.

This week’s match did not disappoint.

Every possession received was hotly contested and the game was played with pace.

As the pressure built throughout each quarter, the team stayed calm, treasured possession and consistently converted their well-earned turnovers into goals.

The most pleasing part of the game, other than the win, was the team work and how well everyone adapted to the unexpected changes.

A big shout out to Annie Harvey, Chloe Way, Sophie Tilders and Ava Richards for your valuable contributions this week.

Awards: Josh’s Bakehouse - Hannah Hetherington; Deni Driver Training - Kate Westcott; Deni Rams - Mia Parks.

Under-15s: Deni Rams 38 def Numurkah 16.

Awards: Josh’s Bakehouse - Abbey Doncon; Deni Rams - Molly Bradley; Deni Rams Canteen - Remy Henderson.

Under-13s: Deni Rams 33 def Numurkah 3.

Another great game by the under 13s girls.

Everyone played so well and it was a real team effort.

The girls are improving so much every week.

Accurate shooting by Hannah McBurnie had the team off to an early lead.

Moving in to defence at half time, she created a lot of turn overs with greats hands over the ball.

Macy Butcher played an awesome game in defence shadowing her player, and gaining a lot of intercepts.

Lucy Crossley played amazing in the goal ring, always playing in front of her opponent.

Awards: Deni Rams - Hannah McBurnie; Deni Rams Canteen - Macy Butcher; Fitnow - Lucy Crossley.

Under-11s: Not scored

The girls’ combined well as a team this week working hard to position well and apply good defensive pressure all over the court.

Emma Wettenhall had a great game in centre, creating numerous turnovers which provided plenty of opportunities for our shooters to score.

Eloise Menadue showed her great work rate playing both ends of the court with high intensity.

Phoebe Thomas was at her best, playing a strong game in attack and was instrumental in providing direction to her team mates.

Awards: Deni Rams - Eloise Menadue; Deni Rams Canteen - Emma Wettenhall; Subway - Phoebe Thomas.