Big weekend at Alexandra Speedway with annual 100 Lap Derby

Tearing up the track: The cars going at it on the Alexandra speedway. Photo by @Napier PHotography 2021

The annual 100 Lap Derby weekend at Alexandra Speedway is once again upon us after a Queen’s Birthday weekend wash-out, with more than 90 competitors and more than 1500 campers and spectators set to head into town for the end-of-season event.

The 100 Lap Derby will see a variety of different types of race cars competing. The line-up has a long list of potential winners that have to survive each other, have the right strategy and always have the right amount of fuel to get to the end first.

As usual, the event brings thousands of people to Alexandra and the local businesses and attractions can benefit, while it is also the end of season for the sport and an opportunity for the competitors to have a good time.

A winner can expect a $2500 pay day and this makes the event one of the most sought-after wins each year.

More than 70 drivers are set to start qualifying for the 100 Lap Derby, with some of the potential winners including Damien Miller, the fastest sports sedan racer ever at the track, along with Darren Nelson, Corey Lincoln and defending champion Lennie Bonnici, who has won the past four derbies.

Warrick Taylor, Steve Kershaw, Dale Smith, Josh Service, Lee Beach, Daniel Scott, Tony Moule, Jamie Lock, Shane O’Brien, David Donegan and four-time champion Luke Fallon a four time winner could also take the win.

This will be the first time in two years that the event will take place after COVID-19 restrictions contributed to the past two events being cancelled.

Standard saloon competitors will compete in the Alexandra Cup event with 25 nominations included.

Mark Miles has won about seven of these Queen’s Birthday weekend standard saloon features and he is in the field against Shane Stewart, Leigh Gooding, Jack Yeomans, Brodie Ardley, Andrew Miles, Rhys Lansdown, Tracey Ingram, popular Alexandra racer Cory Horter and Damon and Kacey Ingram.

The Junior Sedan Victorian Short Circuit Championship line-up for up to 1500cc sedans includes Nathan Miles, River and Linken Paterson, Jayden Bryant, Jack Randall and Will Fallon in the field, with the winner likely to come from among them.

Racing starts from 11am on Saturday and Sunday and finishes early in the afternoon. There will also be a kids’ bike race during the weekend.

Entry for the weekend of racing is $60 for adults, $30 for aged pensioners and children aged 10 to 16 and $150 for a family, which includes two adults and three children aged 10 to 16. All other children are admitted free.

For those just attending the final day of competition on Sunday, cost is $75 for a family, $30 for adults and $15 for aged and invalid and children aged 10 to 16. Children under the age of 10 will be admitted free.

All campers over the age of 10 will pay a $20 fee to contribute toward the facilities provided, cleaning of the facilities and cleaning of the grounds.