Boyd’s third hole-in-one

Three competition holes-in-one now for Geoff Boyd.

By Robert Muir

Corowa golfer Geoff Boyd has scored his third competition hole-in-one, acing the Par 3, 133 metre long 12th hole on with an eight iron, helping him to 37 points in Tuesday, January 4’s stableford round.

“One for five points!” he told The Free Press. “I didn’t see it go in but the blokes on the 13th tee did!”

The pin was located just over the front bunker, therefore making it impossible to see exactly where the ball finished.

Geoff’s two previous competition aces were at Bacchus Marsh where he lived before moving to Corowa four years ago, and where he also had a hole-in-one during a practice round.

“Corowa’s a beautiful course, lovely layout, trees, wildlife,” the 17-handicapper said.

Geoff’s latest ace impressed the club’s director of golf James Gordon. “Geoff’s a mollydooker and four holes-in-one is pretty impressive,” the left-hander himself, said. “It’s hard enough to just get one!”

Three competition holes-in-one have also been achieved by a regular playing partner of Geoff’s, Bob Parr. Bob is trying to add to his three career holes-in-one at Broken Hill, Holbrook and Corowa. In Thursday, January 6’s stableford event, Bob achieved nearest-the-pin efforts on the 4th and 18th holes in accumulating a runner-up score of 36 points.

“Bob’s hole-in-one (on the Par 3, 18th) ran all the way along the ground, in between the bunkers and curved around into the hole – it was a grubber!” 67-year-old concrete polisher Geoff commented about the former Corowa Shire Council’s planning manager shot.

“But seriously, Bob’s a very good golfer. If he could putt, he’d be off one.”

Corowa Golf Club

Medley Stableford – Sunday, Jan 9

Winner with 40 Pts David Whyte

Runner-up with 39 Pts Matthew Findlay

Ball Rundown: Harrison Payne, Oliver Struve, Steve Graham 38, Braden Payne, Ethan Palmer, Jeremy Fraser, John Law, Les Payne 37, Adam Lasky, Chris Foote 36

NTP 4th Men – Sam Bakes

NTP 4th Women – Helen Embleton

NTP 18th Men - Liam Whyte

NTP 18th Women – Louise Holden

Golden Oldies Tuesday, Jan 11

Winner with 17 Pts Neil Washusan

Runner-up with 15 Pts Joe Lackner

NTP A Grade Joe Lackner

NTP B Grade John Batten

Ball winner Bill Garner

Cheap Tuesday, Jan 11

Winner with 41 Pts Alec Jones

Runner-up with 39 Pts John Henneman

Ball Rundown: Ethan Sorensen 38, Gary Chappell, Marg Wegener 37, Wayne Pegler, Len Reynoldson Jnr 36, Neil Caulfield, Mat Maclean

NTP 4th Len Reynoldson Jnr

NTP 18th Jason Cawthray

Women’s Stableford Wednesday, Jan 12

Winner with 39 Pts Christine Dunkinson

Runner-up with 37 Pts Marlene Stuart

Ball Rundown: Louise Holden 35, Jan Mills, Marg Tobin, Marg Monks 34

NTP 4th Bernadette Delahunty

NTP 12th Selina Barkley

Thursday Stableford, Jan 13

Winner c/b with 40 Pts George Stefanides

Runner-up with 40 Pts Harrison Payne

Third c/b with 39 Pts Greg Goullet

Fourth c/b with 39 Pts Peter Kristiansen

Fifth with 39 Pts Roger Bradford

Sixth c/b with 38 Pts Ben Playford

Ball Rundown: Rob Watson 38, Kaelan Bradtke, Barren Richards, Bobby Parr, John Taylor 37, Barry Maltman, Jedd Longmire, Malcolm McLean, Phil Turnbull, Neville Tait 36, Frank Clifford, Greg Eales, Haydn James, Nelson Oliver, Haydn Elliot, Carol Fursdon, John Kostiw 35, Sam Sargood, Peter McNamara, Nigel Creamer 34

NTP 4th Nigel Creamer

NTP 21st

NTP 2nd shot 23rd

NTP 27th

Men’s and Women’s Monthly Medal – Saturday, Jan 15


Scratch winner with 87 Marg Tobin

A Grade Nett winner with 70 Wendy Caramarco

Runner-up with 73 Connie Clifford

Ball Rundown: Louise Sargood, Marg Bradford 76, Jo McKenzie 77Monthly Medal winner - Wendy Caramarco with a Nett 70

NTP 4th Jo MacKenzie

NTP 18th Heather Briggs


A Grade Scratch winner with 72 Peter Glidden

A Grade Nett winner Warren Hornsey with 67

Runner-up with 70 David Robb

Third with 72 Peter Glidden

B Grade Scratch winner with 84 Brett Cuthbert

B Grade Nett winner with 71 Brett Cuthbert

Runner-up c/b with 72 Les Payne

Third with 72 Herbie Griffin

C Grade Scratch winner with 89 Derek Agnew

C Grade Nett winner with 69 Derek Agnew

Runner-up c/b with 72 Ethan Sorensen

Third with 72 Greg Goullet

Ball Rundown: Ethan Bell, Gary Patterson, Richard Sargood, Leigh Bedford, 73, Darren Hughes, Dalton Wegener, Gary Chappell, Rohan Sorensen, Paul Bradford, Grant Barden 74, Heath Aston, Roger Bradford, Geoff Boyd, Andrew Scott, David Robertson, Nelson Oliver, Peter King Jnr, Tim King 75

Monthly Medal winner - Warren Hornsey with a Nett 67

NTP 4th Sam Sargood

NTP 2nd shot 9th James Cleeve

NTP 12th Warren Hornsey

NTP 18th Paul Triandafillou

Eagle on the 8th Carl Dickins

Lady Niners Golf

First: Wendy Caramarco NET 49

Runner up: Bette Bowes NET 53

NTP: Bette Bowes with a birdie on Hole 4.

Great job ladies and too bad we didn’t get a video of Bette’s birdie - apparently it was an awesome shot!

We had a field of 9 braving the ubiquitous mozzies.