Lights spectacle

Photo by johndmartin

Friday’s ‘night bowls’ at Mathoura was a great success with quite a few spectators watching what proved to be a great sight with the lights on.

Mathoura results as follows:

Midweek pennant: Div. 1 Mathoura v Echuca at Echuca — Mathoura 42 lt Echuca 81.

Div. 3 Mathoura v Moama Red at Mathoura - Mathoura 28 lt Moama Red 40.

Weekend pennant:

Div. 1 Mathoura v Tongala at Mathoura — Mathoura 35 lt Tongala 79.

Div. 2 Mathoura v Moama at Mathoura — Mathoura 53 lt Moama 68.

Div. 3 Mathoura v Elmore at Elmore — Mathoura 60 lt Elmore 62.

Div. 4 Mathoura Red v Rochester at Rochester — Mathoura 41 lt Rochester 46.

Div. 4b Mathoura Blue v Tongala Blue at Tongala — Mathoura Blue 43 drew Tongala Blue 43.

Players are asked to check the bowls office noticeboard for Club Championships still to be played. Names as soon as possible for Mixed Pairs, Men’s 100 Up Handicap, Men’s B Grade 21 Up Singles.