Matt’s ‘ace’ the highlight on a day of hot scores

The weather was a bit cooler, with an occasional drop of rain, but the scoring was hot in Wednesday’s stableford event.

Another big field of more than 100 players took to the course, with visitor Daniel Payne firing a four under par round 68 for 41 points to win A grade, by a shot to runner-up Peter Locke.

Also shooting a four under par round was club champion Matt Thomas, with his highlight being a hole-in-one on the ninth.

In B grade John Penna had 38 points to win by a shot to Neville Werner, in C grade Glen Warren continued to enjoy the school holidays with 42 points from runner-up Geoff Bessell 41, and in D grade David Maraldo also had 41, winning by a shot to club president Kathy Simpson.

Last Thursday the ladies winner was Vicki Hutton with 39 points, from runner-up Prue Lloyd 38.

In Saturday’s stableford event the A grade winner was Geoff Corboy with 39 points, from runner-up Kerran Leetham 37; in B grade Glen Warren had 40 from Jane Armytage 37, and in C grade Lindy Begg had an impressive 45 points, from runner-up Stephen Townsend 36.

A small field competed on Sunday, with Kym Sandford the winner on 39 points from Todd Marshall 38.

Tomorrow is a stroke event for the monthly medal and stableford will again be played on Sunday. The ladies will play 9 hole stableford on Tuesday, there is the usual stableford on Wednesday and a fourball best ball for the ladies on Thursday.

Saturday January 15 will be stableford, in which the men will play for the Borella Cup and the ladies for the Barnes Goblet.

Entries are now being taken for the Life Members Summer Classic, on the weekend of January 22 and 23. This is a four person teams event in stableford format with best three scores to count each day.

A Mixed Fourball Pennant competition between Deniliquin, Barham, Rich River and Murray Downs will start on Sunday February 13, with 14 players required each week. If interested please put your name on the list in the pro shop.

Finally, Friday Night Fun returns tonight after the holiday break. Excellent meals are available (bookings preferred), and raffle tickets will be on sale from 6pm with draws at 7.30.

Last week’s results:

Thursday December 30, ladies single stableford:

V Hutton 39, r/u P Lloyd 38.

Ball comp: L Liebenberg, S Lugsdin, S Aitken, A Ferguson, C Hardman, Y Holmes, P Davis, c/o 34.

NTP: J Hood. Golden hole P Lloyd.

Saturday January 1, single stableford:

A grade G Corboy 39, r/u K Leetham 37; B grade G Warren 40, r/u J Armytage 37; C grade L Begg 44, r/u S Townsend 36.

Ball comp: D Nalder, R Pogonoski, V Hutton, M Aitken, A Liebenberg, G Maddison, I Fuller, L Campbell, G Rodda, G Willoughby, J Choice, Ashley Hall, B Dixon, R Taylor, I Campbell, V Brunker, T Grant, B Bourke, A Jenkin, c/o 33.

NTP: 2nd R Taylor, D Maraldo; 5th N Boswell, J Choice; 9th L Campbell, L Begg; 11th A Liebenberg, D Maraldo; 13th T Grant. Golden hole J Choice.

Sunday January 2, single stableford:

K Sandford 39, r/u T Marshall 38.

Ball comp: L Begg, K Leetham, A Ferguson.

Tuesday January 4, ladies front 9 stableford:

E Bolton 19, r/u Sue Butcher 18.

Ball comp: L Henderson, J Choice, J Hood, D Hunter, W Liefting c/o 16.

NTP: P Davis, B Daniels.

Wednesday January 5, single stableford:

A grade D Payne 41, r/u P Locke 40; B grade J Penna 38, r/u N Werner 37; C grade G Warren 42, r/u G Bessell 41; D grade D Maraldo 42, r/u K Simpson 41.

Ball comp: R Hood, R Sobolewski, J Scott, A Tonta, S Thompson, Matt Thomas, M Phyland, B Schoeman, P Oddy, G Corboy, G Collins, J Sommerfeld, W Hodgson, L Bond, J Irwin, P Joice, K Thompson, Y Holmes, G Maddison, W Game, D Alexander, R Turner, P Astill, B Irwin, I Fuller, P Davis, Connor Thompson, S Townsend, c/b 35.

NTP: Matt Thomas. Golden hole P Oddy.