Redeyes find extra gears in second half

Thirds player Bede Orr in action on Saturday.

The Blighty seniors came up against a strong Rennie outfit.

In a game played in two halves, the Redeyes were a bit flat and lacked talk around the contest in the first but didn’t get completely blown away due to the back six working hard, especially Charlie Waters and Staci Richardson.

In the second half Blighty found a few gears and started to show that improvement it has had over the last couple of weeks.

The side’s pressure was much better and despite some simple skill errors the decision making and game plans started working.

Again Blighty took another small step forward and that win is getting closer.

Best on was Charlie Waters who played like a veteran in the backline, his ability to stop his player and create out of defence was good to watch, next was Nick Hay who ran all day and his pressure was excellent.

Luke Charlton again was in the best and is playing consistent football.

Mitch Ross is running into good form playing both ends of the ground and spent time in the ruck too. In his first game for the season Staci Richardson played like he had been playing all year.

Final score: Blighty 3.7 (25) to Rennie 18.14 (122).

It was a hard day for the Blighty reserves on Saturday.

It should have been an easily much better game for the Redeyes, missing out scoring with the entries they had. However that doesn’t mean the side was bad.

There were a few injuries about the ground and players kept playing, one with cracked ribs.

Blighty’s boys are meshing and the atmosphere in the twos is genuine.

The coaches have both seen a lot of improvement and are finding some different positions for their boys about the ground.

The Redeyes are sure to find something more on the scoreboard with weeks to come.

The mateship about the club is fantastic.

Best on grounds could have been given to a dozen players but Andrew Simpson stood out and continues to shine.

Kev Kerr shined with his run and carry, while George Reid down back constantly finding himself in the right spots however was up against hard targets.

Other honourable mentions were Anthony Street, great game on his birthday, Kobi Baxter, out of the thirds rewards the team playing hard out the middle and kicking goals, and Jhi Dudley thrown into ruck for the first time really took on the job like a champ with an out-matched opponent.

Final score: Blighty 1.2 (8) to Rennie 26.7 (163).

With great weather for footy and with Blighty finally having 18 players, it was a good day for thirds football.

In what was a tight contest all day, the Blighty boys started the game well and matched Rennie around the ground.

The Redeyes entered the Blighty forward line on several occasions but couldn’t convert to goals.

In the third quarter the skills dropped off and Rennie was able to kick away to a handy lead.

In the final quarter the Redeyes knew what they had to do and went out all guns blazing.

They all put in a massive team effort and clawed back the score but unfortunately ran out of time and went down by four points.

Best on was Henry Michael playing fullback all day.

Harry Mcliwain, Brodie Park, Jack Gavel and Nick Taylor also received awards for playing outstanding games.

Final score: Blighty 7.7 (49) to Rennie 7.11 (53).

The Blighty fourths hosted Rennie at home this week and knew it was going to be another tough game.

Although Blighty kept just in front of them for most of the game, Rennie did not stop fighting and made the young Redeyes work really hard for the win.

It was really pleasing to see every single Blighty player that put a foot on the ground give 100 per cent

This just proves that this young team can play brilliant football when they are switched on and play as a team.

Better players for the day, which was really hard to pick, were Ash Hines, who showed everyone his silky skills, and William Frost coming off a wing had fair dinkum crack.

Cobi Johnson and Jai Park worked amazing together in the midfield and racked up a lot possessions all over the ground, while Ollie Culton had a great game getting in and getting a fair bit of ground ball out, and Mitch Grimwood had a switch to the backline and was very solid in defence.

Final score: Blighty 7.8 (50) to Rennie 4.1 (25).

The youngest Redeyes played a really hard fought out game in the fifths against Rennie.

Each week it doesn’t matter how big and strong the opposition is they always give their all and put 110 per cent effort in.

They are understanding the rules of the game and the club is very proud of each and every one of them for their efforts.

Awards: Lachie Macdonald, Tommy Dudley, Liam Gordon, Zane Sibraa, Jackson Cleve.

Fourths player Angus Lawson gets a kick away.