Under-17s win for Blighty

A-grade: Blighty 29 def by Tungamah 45.

Blighty’s A-grade netballers came down again in a hard fought game.

Defensive pressure made Tungamah have to work hard to get the ball into the ring, however their accuracy was amazing.

Blighty attackers continue to get stronger with patient ball movement to get through the zone defence.

The improvement of this team is exciting!

Awards: Christina King, Nat Tremble, Bridie Blake and Felicity Jefferies.

B-grade: Blighty 14 def by Tungamah 60.

The B-grade ladies fought hard in another tough game this week.

The defence were on the ball the entire game, mid courters tried hard to create turn arounds, and our shooters had their eye in.

Tungamah were just too strong on the day.

Awards: Karla Nicholls, Kayla Smith and Eliza Bradford.

C-grade: Blighty 16 def by Tungamah 41.

C-grade really came together as a team, and all worked hard with smiles on their faces.

Awards: Tiah Macdonald, Meg Caruso, Danica Reeves and Stacey Doolan.

Under-17s: Blighty 30 def Tungamah 21.

An excellent day was had by Blighty’s under-17s side on Saturday.

The Redeyes had Eliza Bradford back, who proved just how versatile she is by playing three different positions beautifully.

The mid court combos worked tirelessly, whether they were defending or attacking and all their efforts were rewarded beautifully by Stevie Bateman and Jasmyn McKenzie who couldn't miss in the goal circle.

Great job by the 17s this week.

Awards: Stevie Bateman and Jasmyn McKenzie.

Under-15s: Blighty 9 def by Tungamah 24.

The under-15s girls played a tough four quarters, showing improvement all down the court. Keep it up girls!

Awards: Samara Watson, Lucy Dudley, Dakota McKenzie and Chelsea Weir.

Under-13s: Blighty 1 def by Tungamah 30.

The under-13s girls had a really tough game on Saturday, but they all played as a team and each chose one thing to focus on.

The girls kept their heads ups and celebrated the accomplishments of each individual player.

Awards: Cassady Sibraa, Milly Hanmer and Ruby Pisasale.

Under-11s: Not scored.

The under-11s girls played really well, and are seeing their skills are improve every week. The side are getting used to positions and game play.

It is great seeing them have fun playing, and are all enjoying the season so far!

Awards: Shelby Huckin, Emma Taylor, Savannah Bain and Kaydnce Sibraa.