‘Connection’ tour for Helen in her new role

By Southern Riverina News

A tour throughout the southern and western areas of the electorate has allowed newly elected Member for Murray Helen Dalton to establish connections with communities and councils.

Mrs Dalton said while she had an understanding of local issues, she was able to ‘‘mop up those areas I didn’t see’’.

‘‘I went to a preschool (at Berrigan) and toured a police station; these things build knowledge about the issues.

‘‘I wanted to connect with the councils. I needed to touch base with them and talk about what is happening on the ground.

‘‘Mind you, when I was campaigning I was speaking to lots of people.

‘‘I think I also now have some core people — that I call my kitchen cabinets — in most communities. They are not the council but just other people.’’

Mrs Dalton says following the tour, the electorate can expect to see a lot from her.

‘‘I have the Minister for the Environment out here who is going to do a tour next month. I am also trying to link up with some of the MP’s in Victoria including Suzanna Sheed and Ali Cupper,’’ Mrs Dalton said.

‘‘I am also talking to Melinda Pavey (NSW Water Minister). I have had meetings with Shelley Hancock, the Minister for Local Government and I am talking to the Minister for Education because we have some big issues.

‘‘We need to get our fair share of funding so I am making them aware of what we need to do and I am expecting they will come to the party and contribute.’’

Mrs Dalton said her priorities are water, health, education and infrastructure, which she will focus on now she is settled into the position.

‘‘We had to set up the office in Deniliquin and one in Griffith, as well as organise staff, which has taken time. I was anxious to get out and about,’’ she said.

‘‘It was good to touch base with people through the tour. I believe we have to help ourselves and we have to sing out about what is happening.’’