Donation to help students, and retain our local history

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Local youth seeking to further their careers through study have been offered support by the Deniliquin Business Promotion Agency.

The group donated an undisclosed amount of money to the Edward River Country Education Fund, which has so far supported 216 local young people with tertiary education or apprenticeship costs.

DBPA chair David Gove said he hopes the donation can help locals bring their skills back to the community.

‘‘It’s a wonderful feeling to know we can help young people who may not be able to afford things like text books and other learning items,’’ he said.

‘‘It gives everyone the opportunity to learn and to hopefully bring what they have learnt back to Deniliquin.

‘‘If they choose not to come back to Deniliquin, then at least we know we have helped a local person with their career goals.’’

Edward River CEF chair Mardi Chartres said the group was ‘‘extremely thankful’’ for the donation.

‘‘We are extremely fortunate the Deniliquin Business Promotion Agency board has entrusted us with the balance of their funds,’’ she said.

‘‘The interest of this donation will be annually provided in the form of a scholarship for a local student undertaking an apprenticeship.

‘‘The agency, along with other community organisations such as Inala Mirradong Housing Corporation, enable us to start building a fund that can grow from other generous support to ensure we always have an income to support students.’’

The handover presentation was hosted at the Deniliquin and District Historical Society Museum, and included a small donation to the museum’s committee by the DPBA.

Historical Society president Lindsay Renwick said the money will go towards general upkeep and maintenance of the museum.

‘‘We rely on the generosity of others so we’re very thankful,’’ Mr Renwick said.

‘‘We only get money from grants, donations and the small fee of visitors to the Historical Society so any form of money towards what we do is welcomed.

‘‘It also came right after another donation from the Rotary Club; we’re lucky to have such support.’’