Harvest work starts now

Ripe: Cherries will start ripening in November, ushering in the start of the picking season. There will be regular picking work across the Goulburn Valley right up to May 2022. Photo: Cath Grey Photo by Cath Grey

The harvest will again be short of workers and anyone interested in picking or packing work is advised to give it a crack through PickGV.

The Victorian Government is again appealing to locals to take up harvest work, be it two weeks or the whole season.

The AgMove payment is still active for those who relocate, dishing out $6000 to those who take up at least four weeks of ag work.

Fruit Growers Victoria growers services manager Michael Crisera said the entire season was at risk if people did not put up their hands to work.

“We know that many people have lost their job during the pandemic and our fruit growers have plenty of positions available,” Mr Crisera said.

“While the work is not for everyone, we have found that those who enjoy the outdoor work in the state’s regions love it, so we encourage anyone to give it a go.”

Growers are already hiring pruners, and cherries will soon be ripening.

A typical day is 7am to 3pm or 6am to 2pm.

Cherries are typically picked from November to December; stonefruit from December to March; pears from late January to March; and apples from February to May.

Register for work at pickgv.com.au or jobsearch.gov.au/harvest/search