Deni tops MND fundraising

By Jamie Lowe

A sea of blue lined Hardinge St on Monday as locals welcomed a giant Fight MND beanie to town.

The giant MND beanie made its way to a local supermarket after Deniliquin was recognised as the highest seller of the Fight MND beanies.

The beanies are being sold for $20 and all proceeds will be directed to fund world-leading MND research in Australia and overseas to find a cure for the terminal and aggressive neurological disease. 

The Deni community has raised more than $25,000 for the cause to date.

Cobram truck driver Warren Hicks was the man who delivered the giant beanie, travelling more than 400km from Waverley in Melbourne to Deniliquin.

When speaking with Win News he said that he was happy to do the delivery, with the Fight MND cause being one close to his heart.

‘‘Motor Neurone Disease took my mother’s life in 2002. . . so the Fight MND is something that is extremely passionate to me and also my family,’’ he said.

Mr Hicks also said he was blown away by the size of the giant beanie.

‘‘When I first saw the beanie I thought how are we going to fit this on our truck,’’ he said to Win News.

‘‘It’s enormous. I can’t reach how high it actually is, it would have to be nine foot tall.’’