P.Tee: Pick a box of fresh tomatoes

A section of the pontoon was moved from a truck and on to the Edward River at Willoughby’s Beach. Photo by John Thompson

Kagome Australia is inviting residents from Deniliquin and surrounds to a ‘pick-a-box’ event tomorrow.

Moonee Valley Farm on Avalon Rd, Birganbigil is hosting the picking day, which offers guests a tomato picking day at $10 per box, with a maximum of five boxes per person.

The ‘‘flavoursome, beautiful, vine ripened’’ tomatoes on offer are sustainable, world class quality, and 100 per cent Australian grown.

The Rotary Club will also be putting on a barbecue, so bring a little spare change and grab a sausage for lunch.

What you will need: $10 cash per person in your group, your own boxes, closed toe shoes, hat and sunscreen.

A more details description on how to get to the farm, including a small map, can be found on page 12 of today’s edition.

Pontoon afloat

A pontoon has been floated on the Edward River nearby Deniliquin’s ‘Ute on the Pole’, this week.

A spokesperson for Edward River Council said the installation of the pontoon will be ready for public use today, once the timber steps are connected and site clean up is complete.

The pontoon has been attached to the concrete jetty on the riverside ‘Beach to Beach’ walk as part of council’s Riverside Master Plan.

Despite a few delays, the project has run smoothly this week; the infrastructure was floated down from Willoughby’s Beach to reach it’s place a short walk from the Peppin Heritage Centre.

Cranes and trucks were seen at Willougby’s on Monday, with council staff and contractors ensuring its safe journey down-river.

Busy in the CBD

It’s been a while since we’ve seen so much construction going on in the Deniliquin CBD, and it’s certainly exciting.

While crews continue working on the Edward River Council estates building, Deni Town Hall and the new courtyard between them at the southern end of Cressy St, more tradies are starting to tackle upgrades to the Multi Arts Centre hall in the centre of Cressy St.

And then there’s the pontoon works mentioned above.

Not since the Napier and Cressy St rejuvenation and the Deniliquin Waring Gardens refurbishment have we seen such activity.

The wrong rat

While RATs (rapid antigen tests) are in short supply, experts are warning that real life rodents may be on the rise again very soon.

After a big harvest across the state, there are concerns mice numbers will start to increase again from now.

Some Deniliquin residents who had issues with the pests during the last wave have already reported sightings at their homes this week.

It might be time to start setting up those traps again.

Holiday basketball

The Deniliquin Sports and Entertainment Stadium and Edward River Council are hosting a free basketball competition this Sunday, open to primary and secondary students, and young adults up to 22 years old.

Teams of three will face off in the competition

Management will pick primary-aged teams, while secondary and open age groups are welcome to pick and nominate their own team.

The event will run from 1pm to 5pm.

Text stadium manager John Arthur to sign up on 0408 997 705.

Gladiator pole

Another free activitiy available this weekend is at the Deni Swim Centre.

If you’re looking to cool down while showing off your strength and balance, the weekly ‘gladiator pole’ event will be held at the Deniliquin Swim Centre on Sunday, from 2pm to 4pm.

Entry is free during this time.

On this day... in 1815

Construction on the first road over the Blue Mountains was finished.

The colony under Governor Macquarie was growing, and assigned William Cox JP of Clarendon, to the project in 1814 with 30 convicts and eight soldiers to build a road out to the Macquarie River at what is now known as Bathurst, on Wiradjuri Country.

They built 160km of road in six months.

It was finished in 1815 and named Coxs Road, after William.

Workers assembled the pontoon in the water on Monday. Photo by John Thompson